Star of the Sea N.S. is a Roman Catholic School which aims to promote a happy, safe and friendly learning environment for all; an environment which will encourage each child to fulfil his/her potential in a caring and supportive surrounding.
We promote close working relations between teachers, SNAs, ancillary staff, management and parents, all of whom work for the benefit of the children. We place a strong emphasis on the relationship between staff and pupils, which contributes to a hard-working and enjoyable atmosphere.

Our Catholic Religious ethos finds expression throughout the curriculum, and particularly in our Religious programme which is a fundamental part of the school course (Rule 68, Education Act 1998). Our school Masses, liturgies and daily prayer are an important part of this programme. The pupils are prepared for the reception of the sacraments in accordance with arrangements in the diocese. Visits to the classes by our priest, Fr. Dalton, are a welcomed part of parish and community involvement in the life of our school.

While the religious practices, teachings, morals and ethics of the school are those of the Catholic Church, the school acknowledges and respects the diverse religious beliefs and ways of life of pupils’ families and the rights of parents in their children’s moral and spiritual upbringing.

We recognise that each child is unique with a history and background that is also unique. We uphold the pupils’ right to have access to the entire range of education which the school provides.

We foster and promote a love of the Irish Language and Gaelic Culture in our school. We encourage participation in the various sporting, musical and dramatic events/activities of a cultural nature which are organised throughout the year.

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