School Name: Star of the Sea National School
Address: Riverchapel, Gorey, Co Wexford.
Phone No: 053/9425540.
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Fax: 053/9425557
Roll No: 15367F


Star of the Sea N.S. is a Roman Catholic School which aims to promote a happy, safe and friendly learning environment for all; an environment which will encourage each child to fulfil his/her potential in a caring and supportive surrounding.
We promote close working relations between teachers, SNAs, ancillary staff, management and parents, all of whom work for the benefit of the children. We place a strong emphasis on the relationship between staff and pupils, which contributes to a hard-working and enjoyable atmosphere.
Our Catholic Religious ethos finds expression throughout the curriculum, and particularly in our Religious programme which is a fundamental part of the school course (Rule 68, Education Act 1998). Our school Masses, liturgies and daily prayer are an important part of this programme. The pupils are prepared for the reception of the sacraments in accordance with arrangements in the diocese. Visits to the classes by our priest, Fr. Dalton, are a welcomed part of parish and community involvement in the life of our school.
While the religious practices, teachings, morals and ethics of the school are those of the Catholic Church, the school acknowledges and respects the diverse religious beliefs and ways of life of pupils’ families and the rights of parents in their children’s moral and spiritual upbringing.

We recognise that each child is unique with a history and background that is also unique. We uphold the pupils’ right to have access to the entire range of education which the school provides.
We foster and promote a love of the Irish Language and Gaelic Culture in our school. We encourage participation in the various sporting, musical and dramatic events/activities of a cultural nature which are organised throughout the year.



As per the Children First guidelines, the school staff are legally bound to seek advice or make a referral to the HSE Social Service in the event of a report or suspicion of child abuse i.e. neglect, physical, sexual or emotional abuse, in the interest of Child Protection.

The Designated Liaison Person (DLP) is Martina Prendergast.
The Deputy Designated Liaison Person (Deputy DLP) is Eleanor Kehoe

The Board of Management has adopted and will implement fully and without modification the Department of Education’s Child Protection for Primary and Post Primary Schools as part of the overall Child Protection Policy (see Policies).

Daily Schedule

School begins at 9.20 am. Supervision of the children on yard begins at 09.10 am. Children line up in the yard and are collected by their teachers when the bell rings. Children are not allowed inside the school building before this time.
On wet days only doors are opened at 9.05 am and children line up in the hall. The school accepts no responsibility for children outside these times.
Breaks:     11.00 – 11.10 am and 12.30 – 1.00 pm
Junior and Senior Infants are dismissed at 2.00pm and all other classes are dismissed at 3.00pm and children must be collected by 2.10pm and 3.10pm respectively as the school accepts no responsibility for children outside these times.
Children especially infants can become upset and confused if there is a change to their routine at home-time. Please inform the teacher if there is such a change (e.g. the child might be going to a neighbour’s house, a relative collecting them etc).
Children should have their names on their coats and school jumpers, and on all other personal property, i.e. school books, folders, copies, lunch boxes, etc.
Parents will receive newsletters regularly, and will frequently receive other notices/ texts with regard to school matters and events. Encourage your child to deliver notes immediately and check each evening at homework time to see if there is a note from the school.


In the event of a pupil being absent through illness or for any other reason, the class teacher should be informed by note on the pupil’s return to school. If it is anticipated that the absence will be of any lengthy duration, the class teacher should be informed by note as soon as possible.
The Principal is obliged to forward names of pupils who have been absent for 20 days to the National Education Welfare Board (Education Welfare Act. 2000)
All pupils are expected to complete a full day in school and only when it is absolutely necessary for a pupil to leave school early, a note must be sent to the class teacher. Parents/guardians are asked to call personally to the secretary to collect the child and sign them out.
Late attendance must also be signed in at reception.

Teacher –Parent Contact

Informal contact – i.e. invitations to school events – exhibitions, Sports Day, concerts, presentations, etc.
Parents’ Association – a close working relationship with the Parents’ Association is important – i.e. organisation of Christmas Concert, Fundraisers, Disco, etc. The Principal will attend meetings if invited to address particular topics.
Parents’ Representatives on the Board of Management are automatic members of the committee of the Parents’ Association.
School Booklet – this contains general information for parents of children starting school and can be viewed on the school website.
We operate a text service to notify parents of various school activities – meetings, closures, games, etc. Please ensure we have an up to-date contact number.


The Board of Management wishes to draw parents’/guardians’ attention to the procedures to be followed in the event of a complaint about a teacher. These are the procedures devised by the Catholic Primary School Managers’ Association and the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation and remain the agreed procedures until the section of the Education Act 1998 dealing with revised procedures is signed into law.

A parent/guardian wishing to make a complaint should approach the class teacher with a view to resolving the complaint.
When the parent/guardian is unable to solve the complaint with the class teacher he/she should approach the principal with a view to resolving it.
If the complaint is still unresolved the parent/guardian should raise the matter with the Chairperson of the Board of Management with a view to resolving it.
If the complaint is still unresolved and the parent/guardian wishes to pursue the matter he/she should lodge the complaint in writing with the Chairperson of the Board of Management.


Frequent communication is of vital importance in developing and nurturing co-operation between home and school. Good communications, consultation and dissemination of information facilitate parents’ participation in the life of the school and contribute to building a strong school community.
Teachers are not in a position to meet with parents without appointments due to their responsibility to all children in their class. Parents are reminded that they are welcome to contact the school to arrange a meeting with the class teachers or the principal to discuss their child’s progress or issues of concern.

Forms of Communication:

Individual consultation: This occurs when a parent has asked for a meeting with a teacher or has been invited to visit the school to exchange information or to discuss matters of concern. A note to the class teacher requesting an appointment is always essential. A suitable time will be arranged.
Parent/teacher meetings are held annually (in October/November).
Meetings are held in connection with preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Communion and Confirmation.
Class/Group meetings may be held in regard to the introduction of new programmes, Paired Reading, Homework, Special Needs, new enrolments or other matters relating to the general administration and operation of the school.
Teachers and parents may communicate by means of writing notes (in the pupils’ homework notebooks where in use).
School Reports are issued in June. Please provide an SAE for posting or reports may be collected from the school office at agreed times and dates in June.
Newsletters and texts are issued regularly throughout the year.
Other written notices are issued as necessary – parents should check the child’s schoolbag regularly for same.
We operate a text service to parents.

Healthy Lunches

Surveys have shown that children’s lunches are often very unhealthy and not adequate nutritionally, because they tend to be low in fibre and high in sugar. We operate a Healthy Lunch Policy in our school and follow the ‘Food Dudes’ programme. Please try to ensure that you give your child a balanced lunch. Copies of the policy are available from the school or downloaded from the school website.
Chewing Gum/Fizzy Drinks – are not allowed in school!

School Uniform

The school uniform consists of a navy jumper/sweater (with school crest attached), white shirt / polo t-shirt and grey pants/pinafore/ skirt. School Crests are compulsory can be bought from the school or Parents’ Association.
The uniform must be worn to school every day.If the correct uniform is not worn to school, children will not be allowed on the soccer pitches or do jobs around the school.
Navy tracksuit with school crest and runners are compulsory for PE lessons.
Pupils are not allowed to wear jewellery in school. Studs earrings only may be worn.


Parents are asked to study the Code of Behaviour and Discipline, discuss it with their children and sign an Acceptance Form. Copies of the Code of Behaviour and Discipline will be available to view and download on the website.
School Rules – School Rules are kept to a minimum and are devised with regard for the health, safety and welfare of all members of the school community.
Anti-Bullying Policy – The school has adopted and will implement fully and without modification the Department of Education’s Anti-Bullying Procedures for Primary and Post Primary Schools as part of the overall Anti-Bullying Policy and Code of Behaviour (see Policies).
Every pupil has the right to enjoy his/her time in Star of the Sea N.S. Unkind actions or remarks will not be tolerated. Pupils are encouraged to support each other by reporting all instances of bullying.
Likewise school staff have rights and criticism on social media sites is not acceptable, anytime about any member of staff, child or person. The school will take appropriate action in the event of such an action.
Cyber Bullying – will not be tolerated in the school, and appropriate actions to notify parents of victims and perpetrators, or the Gardaí will be taken if the school becomes aware of this anti-social behaviour.
Copies of the School Rules and Anti-Bullying Policy are available and may be downloaded from the school website.


The curriculum is presented in seven subject areas, some of which are further sub-divided into subjects –

-Language (Gaeilge and English)
-Social, Environmental and Scientific Education
-(History, Geography and Science)
-Arts Education (Visual Arts, Music and Drama)
-Physical Education
-Social, Personal and Health Education
-Religious Education

School Books

A book rental scheme is operated in the school, for a fee appropriate to the class level.
A ‘Book Rental Application Form’ must be completed in May of each year and returned with the appropriate fee on agreed dates, which will be notified to parents on the form nearer to the date.
Books rented under the scheme must be returned at the end of the year. Pupils using these books are asked to return them at the end of the year in good condition. The rental books for the new school year will be issued in September each year.
Please contact the Principal if there is a problem with regard to the purchase of school books.


Homework is generally given every night from Monday to Thursday. Teachers will use their professional discretion in allocating homework.
In the Infant classes the emphasis will be on developing reading skills and fostering a love of reading.
Ideally homework will contain a balance between reading tasks, learning tasks and, in the middle and senior classes in particular, written tasks.
Parents should provide appropriate conditions for homework – a quiet time and place, a suitable work surface, etc.
Parents should check that all homework has been done every evening. If the child is experiencing difficulties with homework, parents should consult with the teacher.
Teachers will consult with parents where homework is proving to be a problem or where homework is not satisfactory. Please sign children’s journal or homework pages each night to confirm homework has been done.
A copy of the school Homework Policy is available from the school or in policies.
Incomplete Homework:
Day 1 – Homework to be completed on the night, along with other prescribed homework.
DAY 2 – Note to be sent home and signed by Parent/Guardian.
Day 3 – Homework to be completed at break times in school.
Persistent incompletion of homework should result in Parents/Guardians being called in to meet with the teacher to discuss a solution to this problem.

General Purpose Fee

The General Purpose fee is payable to the school at €50 for one child, €65 for 2 children and €80 for 3 children. This is to be paid as a lump sum in September. Please contact the Principal if there is a problem with regard to payment of this fee. It is used to fund extra activities for the children such as photocopying, school equipment, art materials, ICT resources, Green School Programme, text-a-parent, Databiz and managerial body subscription, Literacy Lift Off materials etc.
Mobile Phones
The use of Mobile Phones by pupils is prohibited in school.

Mobile Phones

The use of Mobile Phones by pupils is prohibited in school.


Children who are ill should not be sent to school.
Parents are asked that teachers be made aware of any physical disability or allergies, which their children might have. (Asthma, Epilepsy etc)
Please check your child’s hair regularly for outbreaks of head lice. If there is an outbreak of head lice in a class, all parents of pupils in that class are informed by note, and asked to take immediate action to check for and treat infestation if necessary. Information on the treatment of head lice is available from the school.
Requests for children to remain indoors at break-time should only be made in exceptional circumstances.
Parents are asked to collect their children in person at the appropriate gate at 2/3.00pm (when the children are released by the supervising teacher), and to accompany the children to the cars.
Administration of Medicines –
Please refer to Policy on Administration of Medicines.
Parents/guardians are asked not to enter the school to collect children at either 2pm or 3pm, for safety reasons.
Parents are also asked to allow children to walk alone up to the yard to assemble in the morning.
Parents are asked leave children at front door on wet mornings to reduce excessive moisture on floors, that may cause slips and falls. If it is absolutely necessary to accompany a child to the hall please do not to bring umbrellas or buggies up through the school.
When absolutely necessary for Parents/guardians to collect a child during school hours they must call in person to the secretary’s office to sign out and collect the child. The child will not be allowed to wait at the gate.
It may arise that the secretary, or other employee of the school, will not know the person collecting the child – if this is the case the person will be asked to identify himself/herself.
Drivers are asked not to park in the set sown areas. There is a one way system in operation in the Car Park. Caution should be exercised when driving in the Car Park.

Accident Procedures

Minor accidents are treated at school. When a dressing has been put on a wound, parents are requested to inspect the wound when the child comes home.

In the event of an accident/child becoming ill, every possible effort will be made to contact the pupil’s parents or the person delegated to take responsibility for the pupil.
The school should be notified immediately of changes of phone numbers or addresses.
The school operates insurance cover scheme. Details are available from the school secretary. An annual premium will be advised in September and usually there is a closing date for submission of fee to insurance company, which will be notified to parents.


The Parents’ Association holds its AGM early in the new school year. All parents/guardians of children attending Star of the Sea N.S. are deemed to be members. Parents are encouraged to get involved in the council and to attend the meetings. A copy of the Constitution of the Parents’ Council may be obtained from the Secretary of the Council.
New members are always welcome.


life saving academy


We are a Catholic school under the patronage of the Bishop of Ferns. Religion is taught accordingly and children are prepared for the sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation.


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