It is important for the Riverchapel School community to have an awareness and understanding of the effects of their actions upon the environment, in which they live, work and relax. In order to do this, we need to take responsibility for our own actions and we need to have a sense of duty and care for the world in which we live.

Environmental education is built into the school’s teaching and learning whether it is directly through the taught curriculum or indirectly through whole school projects such as Green Schools or Walking to School. The importance of caring for and maintaining the environment will be continually re-enforced in a variety ways.

The ways in which we will strive towards this goal is to Reduce the amount of materials we use and waste we produce, Re-use and Recycle materials wherever possible, and Respect our neighbours and our environment.

Reduce Energy

We will switch off lights in rooms when they are not in use.
We will keep outside doors shut in cold weather.
We will make sure we turn off taps when they are no longer needed
We will switch off computers and computers in each classroom and each office.
We will pull down all blinds at the end of the school day.
The Energy Savers in 5th Class will switch off all computers in the ICT room at the end of the school day.


We will reduce the amount of water we use in our classroom by:
Using push type spray percussion taps which turn off automatically where possible.
Where practical we will install water displacement devices in toilet cisterns.
Avoid flushing the toilet unnecessarily. We will dispose of tissues and other such waste in a bin rather than in the toilet.
Not leave taps running unnecessarily when washing hands, equipment etc.


We will reduce the amount of paper we use in our classrooms by:
Writing and printing on both side of the paper whenever possible
Filing photocopies for use at a later date.
Storing and sending information electronically wherever possible.
Each class group has a green waste bag in the corridor to enable us to re-cycle our paper.


We will continue to promote walking to school, e.g. WOW day; No Car Tuesday.
We will encourage staff to share transport when going on courses etc.
We will continue to review and update our School Transport Plan.
File: Environmental Education Policy 2012.doc Page 1 of 3 Last updated: February 2015

Re-use Fruit

We endeavor to compost the remains of the fruit at lunchtime breaks.


Gardening waste will be put into the school compost bins whenever possible.


We will install a water butt or water vessel under rain water downpipes to collect water for watering plants.

Donated materials including containers

Riverchapel N.S. will try to find uses for donated materials. This may be for use in the curriculum e.g. art.
Where uses cannot be found, we will endeavour to recycle it.


Paper will be re-used within the classroom. Each class has a separate collection box for used paper.
Display paper will be taken down carefully and re-used wherever possible.
Paper will be used on both sides wherever possible.
The Office will re-use envelopes where ever possible.
Out dated catalogues are placed in the recycling bins
Equipment and Uniform
Outdated or unwanted equipment will be offered to others who might have a use for it.
Good condition uniform collected in Lost Proprerty will be given to children if they need it.


At Riverchapel National School, we recycle a range of materials on a regular basis.
We have a central collection point situated in the area outside the main school
building in the car park.
Paper is collected from every class room and office area daily and placed in
the ‘green’ recycling bins in the corridor. Then later collected and put in the recycling bins outside.
Cartridges from computer inks will be refilled as necessary when empty and reused, where possible and where sustainable.
Obsolete computers will be collected for recycling.


We endeavour to purchase stationery items/paper from suppliers that operate
a green policy and have an environmental range.
We look to purchase, in the first instance, products and services locally to
reduce environmental impacts and support the local economy and businesses.
File: Environmental Education Policy 2012.doc Page 2 of 3 Last updated: February 2015


Our first and most important school rule is that we respect one another. This rule will permeate all we do whether it is discussing global issues, welcoming people of different races, faiths, abilities, or dealing on a daily basis with each other. We will extend this respect to the environment and all living creatures. E.g.
Litter and reducing energy use is an environmental issue
The way the school environment is managed and maintained will provide an example to pupils of how to respect and care for a building and its grounds.


Areas disturbed by sport, by accident, or by malicious damage will if possible be restored to its original condition.
Children will be encouraged to treat all school equipment with respect.
Books and other equipment will be repaired wherever possible.

Assessment and Monitoring

Our school is hoping to gain Green Schools Flags for a variety of themes as a result of some of the above ideas and actions.
Our Environmental Review and Action Plan will have relevant questions and actions about the school’s recycling/environmental education.
Observation by particular children e.g. Green School/Energy Savers/Water Watchers around the school will be a good indication of the success of some of these strategies.
Events such as assemblies and the children’s work will be another way of measuring the effectiveness of this policy.
Monitoring of Walk-to-School programme.
Monitoring of photocopier usage and orders for paper.
Monitoring of oil, electricity and water usage.
Monitoring the involvement of pupils and the wider community in maintaining of our school grounds.

Green Schools Code:

Litter & Waste –  ‘If you want to be cool, recycle in school!’
Energy – ‘If you want to be bright, turn off the lights!’
Water –  ‘Put on your thinking cap and turn off the tap!’

File: Environmental Education Policy 2012.doc Page 3 of 3 Last updated: February 2015


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We are a Catholic school under the patronage of the Bishop of Ferns. Religion is taught accordingly and children are prepared for the sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation.


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